Facility Management

Housekeeping Services

We are leading cleaning and Housekeeping service Provider. Adhering to BBMP guidelines, all our staff are trained on the line of cleanliness & hygiene.

We are one of the distinguished service providers offering facility and House Keeping services to our clients. Our services are most diversified and are availed by clients in both commercial and non-commercial sectors. Clients can avail services like manpower supply, carpets and chairs cleaning, pantry services, office support services, security services and machined cleaning.

facility management

Electrical,Plumbing & Multi-Technicians

This is the most common problem in any household, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. The clogging happens for several reasons and timely cleaning of the drain is the answer to this. Apart from the clogging, there also might be issues such as pipe leakage, dripping taps, etc. that need to be repaired immediately. Our team of skilled plumbers are always handy and will arrive in-time on the scheduled day and provide the plumbing services required.

Another pressing problem in the household or offices is electrical repairs. A small problem such as a light not working to bigger things like motor repair would need immediate attention. Our expert electricians are always available all around the Hyderabad city to cater to your needs. Electrical work needs utmost care and it can be hazardous at times. So, it must be rectified as early as possible. Our team is always on toes ready at your disposal.

Gardening Services

Be it a balcony brimming with floral gardens, a vegetable patch for your family’s needs or a medicinal garden full of goodness, UrbanMali helps create and maintain your garden. City gardens play a vital role in bringing nature into urban spaces and we take great joy in restoring green cover for our urban locales. 

We provide wide range of Gardening services, common area landscape or balcony garden, terrace garden. We have experinced gardener & association with nurssery to make your locality lush green & pleasent.


Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

With team of technically trained experts to maintain the swimming pool, ensuring high standard, cleanliness & hygiene is maintained.


  • Pool Cleaning
  • Water Balance
  • Pool Hardware maintenance
  • Clean Pool Deck

STP/WTP Operations & Maintenance Services


We are providing operation and maintenance services for STP & WTP plants at commercial, industrial and residential units with professionally trained staff.

Pest Control Services


Pest problems like bedbug control, cockroach control, rodent control, termite control, mosquito control, and other pest problems are taken care by us in an efficient and eco-friendly way. We offer corporate as well as residential pest control for all kinds of pest problems. This Division’s practices are in strict accordance with the industrial safety standards laid down by WHO.