We have Deployed our resources leading from

– Front Office Staff
– Housekeeping
– Security Guards
We have trained staff that suits to the corporate world and culture. Our specified training focuses to train these staff so that there is no difficulty in communicating with staffs.
Cleanliness , Trustworthy and vigilant staffs troupe is now 100% CO-Vaccinated.

Our long term client base includes

  • School
  • Colleges
  • Hostel Facilities
  • Institutes

Trained to bear and stiff situation and ensuring security safety of construction material.
Helping manage sales team in giving site visit and managing In-Out of appliances, materials , staffs and clients.
We have a perfectly groomed set of staff to help construction site secured and managed with our services.

These two sectors have been our benchmark. We have been providing quality service both in Health Care and Hospitality sector. We understand Care and so our trained staff.