Security Services



NSSGFM Facility Management offers reliable and robust security solutions to all segments of clients We have our services in Corporate, Housing Apartments & Hotels. We train all our guards before deploying them as per applicable compliance.

We train our guards to handle some unforeseen situation catering to anything like fire, unwanted nuisance created by withing the apartment or by external people.

We ensure our customer feel safe and secured.

Customer Support


We have 24×7 operating QRT (Quick Response Team) to handle any situation.

  • Dedicated Customer support to attend to any kind of complaints

  • Ready reserved staff to attend to an unforseen situations

  • Field officers on round 24×7 in the vicinity.

  • Whatsapp & Telegram Group to stay in touch

  • Background verification & Audits team.



Training are conducted in before on-boarding & annually:


  • Onboarding Training: is given to all Guards
  • On-Site Training: is given while performing duties at site
  • Annual Training: Organized periodically to upgrade security skills and aptitude
  • Mock Drills: Create a forced scenario, and trains staff to act as per situation.